Full mouth rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth rehabilitation is a complete oral care for patients who require a lot of dental treatment to be done. Patients who have neglected their teeth for years and as a result are in a dilapidated state, patients who complain of jaw pains, fractured teeth, totally worn down teeth or those who are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth are candidate for this form of dental treatment.
Full Mouth Rehabilitation is a term that refers to the restoration of all or almost all teeth in the mouth so that they recreate normal function and form and give the patient the desired smile.

A completely new set of teeth is also possible by the use of dental implants. Recent developments in dental Implants have also made it possible for those patients who have infected jaw bones, or very little bone in their jaws also to get fixed teeth now. They no longer have to suffer by using loose dentures, and can get a fixed set of teeth.
Full mouth rehabilitation in Pune at Nanda Dental Care greatly improves the quality of life of those individuals who cannot eat a proper meal due to the absence of a good set of teeth, by giving them an almost natural set of fixed teeth.