Orthodontist in Pune

About Orthodontics

What is Orthodontics?
Orthodontics or Braces is that the science in dental medicine that deals with the straightening of crooked teeth. It treats any kind of disorder that may harm the structure, perform and also the look of teeth and jaws.

What causes misaligned teeth?
Malocclusion or crooked teeth can be an genetic condition, which means it should be passed from one generation to different.
Malocclusion is additionally caused due to the problems with the scale and form of the jaw or teeth. one in all the common causes of crooked teeth is just too abundant or insufficient area within the jaw. If a baby has tiny jaw, the teeth might grow in crooked or packed manner. If the jaw is just too massive and there's abundant area within the jaw, the teeth might have gaps in between or drift out of place.
There area unit few different habits or conditions that will amendment the form and structure of the jaw. These include:
1 Use of a pacifier
2 Prolonged bottle feeding
3 Thumb ingestion
4 Injuries ensuing placement of the jaw
5 Tumors within the mouth or jaw
6 Poor care i.e. improper fitting of crowns, or braces

One ought to get a check-up finished a baby at the age of 6-8 years to confirm that his/her teeth can erupt within the desired manner.There area unit several straightforward techniques that may be wont to avoid crooked teeth if corrective measures area unit taken in early stages. this is often called preventive dental medicine.
Age group between 10 -14 is good to induce teeth straightened, because the Best dental medicine in Pune will benefit of the growing age to unravel several complicated issues.

Best Orthodontic Treatment
Damon braces area unit self-ligating braces that eliminate metal or elastic ties. they're fitted within the same means as ancient metal braces, however you'll be able to currently expertise treatment while not regular adjustment of the braces. Damon braces use a singular slide mechanism that attaches wires to brackets to maneuver naturally with the teeth as they align. Bands on typical brackets apply friction to the wire that slows down the movement of the teeth. Damon brackets clip the wire into position permitting it to maneuver freely and thus work a lot of quickly. They cut back the pressure on your teeth and permit them to maneuver well to their correct positions. With the Damon system, treatment time is usually shorter than the standard braces. And shorter treatment time suggests that fewer appointments and an attractive smile in less time.
Lingual braces clear braces area unit placed behind your teeth so that they area unit fully hidden from read.
Clear Brackets
Instead of the standard metal brackets and colored bands, clear brackets and bands area unit offered to form the device less visible.