Post and core

Post and Core

A post associated core crown may be a kind of dental restoration needed wherever there's an inadequate quantity of sound tooth tissue remaining to retain a standard crown. A post is cemented into a ready root canal, that retains a core restoration, that retains the ultimate crown.
The role of the post is first off to retain a core restoration and crown, and second to distribute stresses down onto the basis, thereby reducing the danger of wreath fracture. The post doesn't play any role in reinforcing or supporting the tooth and may in reality create it a lot of doubtless to fracture at the basis.

When deciding whether or not or not a tooth needs a post and core crown instead of a standard crown you want to establish the subsequent.
1. Is there's a collet to retain a standard crown?
2. Is that the canal long enough to retain a post?
3. Are there massive curvatures which might create post placement difficult?
4. Is that the remaining dentine thick enough for post preparation?
5. May be a crown really possible during this tooth?

The good thing about inserting a post into a root canal is improved retention of the crown. but there are disadvantages, throughout the preparation for the post area there's a risk of perforation, a post may create a tooth more doubtless to fracture, it makes future orthograde root canal treatment way more tough and eventually it's terribly harmful and needs excessive removal of tooth tissue.

Posts are a lot of usually needed for anterior teeth instead of posterior teeth. the first reason for this is often that multi nonmoving teeth have an outsized pulp chamber which might be used for retention of the core and thus the crown, whereas anterior teeth are abundant smaller and fewer mindful.

When it's uphill to retain a core on a posterior tooth and a post is needed, no over one post ought to be used per tooth, and this could be placed within the largest canal offered. this is often as a result of over one preparation for a post can involve excessive dentine removal and increase the fracture risk. a higher different to posts on a posterior tooth is that the use of a Nayyar core restoration that extends down into the entrance of the basis canal.